Tuesday, May 20, 2008

"Are your feet romantically ready?"

Is there such a thing? Yup! Believe you me there is! hahaha... Read on and I will tell you how to make those feet looking and feeling gorgeous for those footsie moments…

I'm sure you will agree that our feet are the most abused part of our body right? That’s why God made it the way it is, thick-skinned, tough so it can withstand its daily wear and tear. But that doesn’t mean we will just leave those poor thing neglectd. C'mon, keep it moisturized and looking pretty pink!
Yes, our feet need to look and feel pretty too otherwise no matter how dressed you are, you are actually not completely stunning. I for one am a foot person, if you can call it that. I feel so annoyingly ugly when my feet are dry and I can see the natural lines cracked, dull, looking old, pale, cranky and yucky!

If you want to be pretty amazing from head to toe, then let the blood circulate! Follow these simple pampering routines at least three times during the first two weeks (depending on how badly beaten and neglected your feet are) and twice a week thereafter. For maintenance, you can use the pumice just once a week.
1. Before retiring at night, wash feet. Then soak them in hot water (w moisturizing soap and or lemon/kalamansi-optional) for about 15 minutes to soften. If your feet are sore and tired you can put slices of ginger instead of the soap and lemon to ease the weariness.

2. With the use of a pumice, scrub out dead old dull skin around each feet for a few minutes. By scrubbing, we achieve two things: get rid of dead old dull skin; boosts the blood circulation.

3. Smother your feet gently with a foot scrub (one with granules you
can buy in any department store) using circular motion. Rinse well
with warm water.

4. Option 1: soak feet in warm water with coconut oil (if you can get a hold of virgin coconut oil, by all means use it) for 5 minutes. Pat dry. Then apply a coat of coconut oil on pat-dried feet. Put on socks.

Option 2: Towel dry. Apply petroleum jelly generously (you can buy in any drug store or department store) Put on socks.

Every morning after taking a shower, apply moisturizing lotion (for extra dry skin or whatever you have available) generously on your feet.

If your schedule allows and you have access to a spa, it won’t hurt to go for a foot spa once a month followed by a real good foot massage. A Thai foot massage would be the best if you can avail of it. This will ease out all the tension and give your feet and legs a good blood circulation. Wow, What a way to relax!

Lastly, enjoy your gorgeous looking pretty pink feet that is ready for those footsie moments!

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