Tuesday, May 27, 2008

More Memory sharpener! An update!

I discovered more things that will help improve and even reverse memory loss. Boy! Was I surprise that they even tried it on people who have Alzheimer's disease and it worked! So rest assured it will work for you and me :). Firstly let us remember that nobody has a perfect memory, only a perfect attitude towards improvement. So let us not be too harsh on ourselves. I would like to reiterate that complete vitamin B is essential for the normal process and function of the nervous system. The most important thing to remember about vitamin B? All vitamin B must be taken together, so take a B complex supplement. Minimizing the intake of cholesterol and fat is one of the smartest move you can make to ensure your brain's health. The best brain sustaining diet is low in calories, salt, peas (legumes) and lots of fresh produce especially green leafy vegetables.

According to research. iron, copper, magnesium, iodine and zinc are generally recognized as brain-critical minerals. But boron turns out to be the brain's all-star performer. You know what? People getting three mg. of boron daily demonstrated alertness, heightened brain activity and learning superiority. Where can you get boron? APPLE! a medium sized apple contains about less than one mg of boron. So get the big sized ones! Take at least 3-4 a day! It will work magic you'll see :)

According to Medical Science research a 76-year old man with Alzheimer's disease was placed in a nursing home. At some pont doctors started giving him 500 mg of magnesium two times daily. 2-3 wks after the doctors were surprised to note his improved awareness. His family were so happy that for the first time in months, he would turn when they called his name. He continued to improve with enhanced memory and more clarity of thought, and after nine months he was able to go home again.

Water, water, water! Do not deprive your brain cells from water! I cannot over emphasize what you already know but just take for granted, 8-10 glasses of water a day.

Anything that enhances circulation and acts as an antioxidant is going to encourage good memory. Gingko works by increasing blood flow to the brain. It has extraordinary medicinal properties, using dried green leaves of the Maidenhair tree to treat poor circulation, memory loss and mental deterioration.

Some scientists believe the natural course of aging includes the decay and loss of brain cells. This is not just so! What happens is we stop challenging our brain. The older we get, the less challenges and less need fort deep concentrated thought. So don't stop stimulating and challenging your brain! Exercise those brain muscles!

content lifted fr "All your health questions answered naturally" by Maureen Kennedy Salaman

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