Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Keep your skin naturally glowing!

i have always been told that my skin is flawless. I am truly thankful to the genes of my mom for that. But then when I started to mature, I started to panic! My youthful glow started to slowly diminish in place of freckles and little wrinkles here and there. Well I have to admit, I am paying off for the years of abuse of sometimes sleeping with make-up on, staying up late most days, going out without sun block. Of course as everybody say, regret is always at the end. However, it's not totally late! As the popularity of AHA begins to unfold, I concocted my own natural AHA! Guess what? It works like magic! But of course don't take consistency and perseverance for granted. But I tell you, you will see the improvement in the smoothness, softness and elasticity of your skin. And mind you, it's not only for the face... I apply it to my whole body! Here's how...Just follow these simple steps:

1 small cup natural yoghurt
1/4 tsp. lemon
1 tsp. carrot
1 tsp. banana
1/2 tsp. parsley
1 tsp. organic honey
1 tsp. grape with seed
1 tsp. orange juice (from fresh orange)

Blender all ingredients except yoghurt Then mix blended ingredients to yoghurt. Clean your face and body thoroughly. Apply mask generously all over your face and body and leave it for 20 minutes. Meanwhile, you can sing in the bathroom or read a book, better yet, read my blog and subscribe if you have not done that yet... hehehe... but really it's a good time to pray and meditate on the Word of God. Then rinse very well. Apply your usual facial moisturizer and apply body lotion all over your body. And feel the smoothness and softness of your skin. As you do this on a regular 2x a week routine, the glow of your skin will be restored. Take it from me :)

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