Saturday, June 21, 2008

Daddy, Daddy... It's your day!

During last year's father's day celebration, I made sure I have a little something for my husband, the wonderful father of my children. I have been thinking and thinking what gift to pick for him. He is a practical and simple man. He wants to be receiving something that is useful or he would consider it a waste of money. That is wisdom I suppose. He is being a good steward of God's blessings! That's why we complement each other.. I would always joke him. "I am a typical woman who likes to shop! And you are a practical man... so there's a balance, right? hahaha...< One day, I thought I would just go around and browse at some books. I enjoy doing that you know, just window shop for books and scan it. I then spotted this little book with a very intriguing title. I scanned through it and chuckled to myself as it triggered an idea for me to grab it for my husband as my father's day gift. So I wrapped it beautifully the moment I got home. I was like a kid, excited to give it the next day, father's day. So when we got home from church, as the whole family was at the dinner table, I handed my wonderful husband my father's day gift. All of my kids were excitedly smiling, with expectant eyes as their father started to reap the gift wrapper open. Suddenly... screams and laughter filled the house! My kids taunted me crazily without end. My husband cracked up laughing. My kids voices were on top of one another's trying to compete to be heard. But in unison they said laughing, "Only something like that will come from mom on such an occasion." The title of the book? "101 ways to spoil your wife" hahaha... we all had a laugh and it was fun! Then, I pulled a card and asked my husband to read it aloud. It brought tears to my hubby's eyes and garnered an "awwww..." from our kids. Then another envelop to open.. this one made my hubby smile and his brows go up and down and heaped a "wow!" from the kids... a certificate for a two hour authentic thai full-body massage to relax and pamper him! Of course, not to forget... I got one for myself too .. hahaha... wink :) HAPPY FATHER'S DAY TO ALL THE DADS!

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